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Cellular Delivery of Therapeutic Macromolecules 2010

Cardiff University, UK

Start date: Jun 26, 2010 - End date: Jun 29, 2010

A symposium aimed at serving the development of Early Stage Career researchers in the study of the interactions of therapeutic macromolecules with biological barriers

Endocytosis and organisation of the plasma membrane

Membrane microdomains

Interaction of Polyplexes with cellular barriers

Challenges of Gene delivery for Cancer therapeutics

Gene Delivery Vector components: Characteristics influencing uptake and trafficking

Cellular dynamics of cell penetrating peptides

siRNA delivery and therapeutics

Antibody transport across biological barriers

Exploiting transcytosis for macromolecular drug delivery

Cellular uptake and trafficking toxins; implications for macromolecule delivery

Macromolecule Transport through the Blood Brain Barrier

Macromolecule Transport through Epithelial barriers

Exploiting carbohydrates for the cellular delivery of macromolecules

Dendrimer-based therapeutics

Polymer interactions with cells

Challenges and Opportunities in the commercial development of macromolecule therapeutics

Technique sessions

Dead line for submiting abstracts: Jan 1, 2008

Contact information

Mark Gumbleton & Arwyn T. Jones
Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University

E-mail: CDTM@cardiff.ac.uk

More information: http://www.cdtm2008.cf.ac.uk/CDTM2010_Home.html


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