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Second Cellular Delivery of Therapeutic Macromolecules Symposium

Cardiff University, UK

Start date: Jun 22, 2008 - End date: Jun 25, 2008

The main focus of the meeting is to develop the interest and knowledge of Early Stage Career Researchers in issues surrounding strategies by which potential therapeutic Macromolecules overcome biological barriers to gain access to cells and subcellular organelles.
Registration costs are therefore very low to encourage delegates to attend and learn about this important field of research.
The symposium boasts a very impressive list of International speakers covering:
Endocytosis and organisation of the plasma membrane
Interaction of Polyplexes with cellular barriers
Challenges of Gene delivery for Cancer therapeutics
Gene Delivery Vector components
Cell penetrating peptides
Antibody transport across biological barriers
Exploiting transcytosis for macromolecular drug delivery
Macromolecule Transport through the Blood Brain Barrier
Macromolecule Transport through Epithelial barriers
Polymer interactions with cells

Dead line for submiting abstracts: Feb 1, 2008

Contact information

Mark Gumbleton & Arwyn T. Jones
Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University

E-mail: CDTM@cardiff.ac.uk

More information: http://www.cdtm2008.cardiff.ac.uk/


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