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Cell Penetrating Peptides

The Royal Society, London, UK

Start date: Oct 7, 2013 - End date: Oct 10, 2013

The study of cell penetrating peptides (CPPs) now extends into a third exciting decade and it is certain that these mostly cationic sequences (e.g. TAT; GRKKRRQRRRPQ) have enormous potential in biomedicine. Thus, an extended range of inert CPPs has proven utility for the delivery of highly active cargoes (peptide, proteins, drugs and oligonucleotides) able to influence the expression and function of intracellular targets. Moreover, targeting sequences can more selectively direct CPPs to specific cell and tissue types and so improve both pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles. More recent applications of CPPs in vivo, coupled with the development of bioactive CPPs (bioportides), provides further scope to employ CPPs as research tools, diagnostics and therapeutics.

In addition to lectures covering contemporary aspects of CPP design, synthesis and applications, four workshops will enable all delegates to consider their current and anticipated research activities and design CPPs that might be applied to support these. Thus, the conference will specifically provide a holistic framework to include modern methods of synthesis, CPP design (including targeting) and considerations of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics that can be manipulated to achieve a desirable action of CPP-delivered bioactive cargoes either in vitro or in vivo.




  • Design and synthesis of cell penetrating peptides (CPPs)
  • CPP-mediated siRNA and oligonucleotide delivery 
  • Protein transduction and membrane translocation
  • Cell- and tissue-selective delivery of CPPs
  • CPP prediction
  • Bioactive CPPs
  • CPPs and in vivo applications
  • Recent developments in CPP technology

Dead line for submiting abstracts: Jan 1, 2011

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